Super Street Arcade games system

Gap Filler’s Super Street Arcade is the world’s first giant, outdoor arcade game system. Get active as you move the giant joystick and jump on the over-sized buttons to play one of the unique classic-style retro games.

With an oversized joystick situated at the intersection of Tuam and High Streets in the central city and a 5m-wide screen mounted on the Vodafone Building, Super Street Arcade takes gaming to a whole new level. You’ll need two or three people to work the controller, so make a new friend and have a go!

Play any time, 24/7 FREE to play

Super Street Arcade has its own website with high score board. Check it out!
First game is Attack of the Cones by Cerebral Fix. More games to come in the new year.

Created by Gap Filler
F3 Design, Cerebral Fix,, Vertigo Tech, MONSTA Vision, Vodafone NZ, Aotea Electric, CDC, Aurecon, Solar Bright, Kirk Roberts, Composite Group, Sign Tech, Science Alive, Chapman Engineering, Krinner Ground Screws.

This event takes place on:

Date and time
Every weekday of KidsFest
8:30 am - 8:00 pm
No booking required
Sports, Games & Adventure
For children
Free Required
For caregivers
All ages