JUDO WEEK, masters of the universe

A week of learning all about JUDO. It is fun but challenging and results in your child learning about falling, rolling, holds and throws, some valuable self defense basics and athletic performance.
The confidence gains with training in JUDO spills over into all sports and life, they are tangible and as a result JUDO is a must do for many families in Europe. WHILE JUDO IS NOT AS POPULAR IN New Zealand THAT IS SIMPLY ATTRIBUTABLE TO LACK OF EDUCATION about the safest contact sport available for children. (and NZ's love of Rugby) Its 9am-3pm for ages 8-16 $150/week and 9-1pm ages 5-7 years $100/week, Friday pm extras $17 laserstrike,$7 fish'n'chip/sushi lunch
fact if you want your child to be competent in rugby studying JUDO and/or wrestling is a key to unlocking their skills. We also train a lot in sumo wrestling at judo.

This event takes place on:

Date and time
Monday 11 July - Friday 15 July
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Christchurch Martial Arts Dojo

Ages 8-15 years 9-3pm $150 /week

Weather plan
Monday 11 July - Friday 15 July
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Christchurch Martial Arts Dojo

ages 5-7 years train mornings to the end of lunch hour at 1pm $100 /week

Weather plan
Sports, Games & Adventure
Per child
Children only
No caregivers
Accessible access and seating