2020 registration are open Monday 21 January – Friday 15 March!

If you would like to apply as an event provider for KidsFest 2020 please ensure you are familiar with the KidsFest CriteriaTerms & Conditions and Health & Safety Requirements before entering your event details. All required information must be completed and your Health & Safety documentation must be attached with your application.

For enquiries please email . 

Event Provider Registration

Event Provider / Organisation Information

Event contact / administrator

To register as a KidsFest event provider you must confirm you are fully responsible for managing and running your event(s) including Health & Safety management. You must agree to the KidsFest Event Criteria and Terms and Conditions and are required to provide an Event Safety Plan to submit your application. Please go to the Event Provider Resources page for information.

Please ensure you are familiar with all requirements prior to entering your event information.