What is KidsFest?
Created in 1992, KidsFest is New Zealand’s largest and longest-running winter school holidays festival. It is a collation of event providers within the Canterbury region that produce events aimed at 0-15 year olds and includes a broad range of community groups, businesses and organisations. It is based in Christchurch and includes the adjoining districts of Selwyn and Waimakariri.

Who runs KidsFest?
KidsFest is proudly produced by the Christchurch City Council. The majority of events within the KidsFest programme are independently produced and run by many different event providers from within the Canterbury region. Christchurch City Council also produces a few key events within the programme.

What does KidsFest offer Event Providers?
KidsFest is an amazing marketing opportunity for event providers of the Canterbury region to get their events noticed during the winter school holidays. We help promote your event via the KidsFest brochure, website, Facebook page and other marketing avenues. The KidsFest brochure is a very much loved and anticipated resource for families and is distributed throughout primary, intermediate and pre-schools in Christchurch and Central Canterbury. Additional copies are also be available at Christchurch City Libraries, Service Centres and selected retail stores and cafes around the city.

Do we have to pay for entry into KidsFest?
Yes from 2020 onward there will be an administration fee of $20 per listing which helps go towards the administration of Kidsfest, once your event has been accepted you will be send the account details for payment.

Do we have to apply for KidsFest?
Yes you do. KidsFest has grown so large and there is so much interest from event providers that event applications are carefully considered. Not all applications will be accepted into KidsFest so to be considered you will need to provide ALL of your event information during the application period. This includes event dates & times, ticketing information, venues, and Health & Safety documentation. No incomplete or late entries will be accepted.

When is the event application period?
The event application period for 2019 is from 31st January-Tuesday 31st March. Due to the amount of interest in KidsFest events, no incomplete or late entries will be considered.

How do I apply as an event provider?  
Event applications for KidsFest 2019 are open 31st January-Tuesday 31st March and are accepted online at kidsfest.co.nz. You will need to register and complete all of your event information during the application period, including event times, ticketing information, venues, and Health & Safety documentation.
Following the close of the application period, KidsFest administration and CCC Health & Safety advisors meet to discuss all applications. The most suitable entries for 2020 will be decided and event providers will be notified.


What will help get my event accepted?
There are various factors KidsFest considers when accepting event applications. These can be found in our KidsFest Criteria and Event Application Information. Please ensure you are familiar with this information and the KidsFest Terms and Conditions before entering your application.

Why do I need to have all my event information finalised so early before the festival?
With 230+ events and 120+ independent event providers, KidsFest is a massive undertaking. If your event is accepted into KidsFest, the information you provided goes immediately into the much anticipated KidsFest brochure process. There is a lot involved in getting this publication ready such as approving events, checking every date and time detail, proofing and corrections, advertising, print time and distribution all over Canterbury. It is critical that every detail is correct before it goes to print. We also need your full information to consider the hundreds of applications so we have a complete picture of your event within the overall festival.

Health & Safety
All KidsFest event providers are fully responsible for managing and running their event(s) including Health & Safety responsibility. You must agree to the KidsFest Event Criteria and Terms and Conditions and are required to provide an Event Safety Plan or similar to submit your application. If you do not provide this documentation you will not be able to complete your application. Once you are registered you can refer to the Event Provider Resources page on the website for further information.

All KidsFest event providers are responsible for their own ticketing. It is up to you how you would like to ticket your event, and who you use to manage your event bookings. There are plenty of ticketing options and providers available that may suit your event and chosen venue. 
Ticket sales for all KidsFest events go live at 9am, 1st June 2020. This is the official launch of KidsFest 2019 and all your ticketing systems must be ready.

Being a part of KidsFest is free, what do I have to give in return?
The main aim of KidsFest is to benefit the children, families and communities of Canterbury. We love seeing happy kids! Once your event is accepted all we ask is:

  • You familiarise yourself and adhere to the KidsFest Criteria and Terms & Conditions
  • You operate your event safely and in the best interests of the event attendees
  • You agree to include the KidsFest logo on any of your KidsFest marketing material
  • All children have FUN at your event, feel SAFE and ENJOY!