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The first phase of our brand new website is now live!
Check out www.kidsfest.co.nz for a sneak peek and let us know what you think.
And remember to mark your calendars for TV2 KidsFest 5 - 19 July 2014!

Apr 14th 4:35pm • No Comments

Can't wait for this to open. EXCITING!

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Take a look at the planned Margaret Mahy Family Playground! ✔A place for kids of all ages and abilities ✔Comfortable place for parents to watch their little ones ✔Equipment to entertain and challenge http://www.futurechristchurch.co.nz/central-city/margaret-mahy-family-playground

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TV2 KidsFest website is now live! The first phase of the brand new TV2 KidsFest website is now live, make sure you check it out…read more

What is KidsFest?

TV2 KidsFest is New Zealand’s longest-running festival of events designed especially for children.

TV2 KidsFest first started in 1992 to entertain  children during the winter school holidays. Originally held in Christchurch it now reaches out to much of central Canterbury with events also held in Banks Peninsula, Waimakariri and Selwyn Districts.

The theme for this year’s TV2 KidsFest is ‘Where in the World is CoolStuff?’. CoolStuff and kids will be exploring different cultures, games and adventures from around the world.

TV2 KidsFest is produced by Christchurch City Council for the KidsFest Charitable Trust.